Kit. Rotolight AEOS with Illuminator and Color FX

Rotolight Kit with AEOS, Illuminator with umbrella mount and Colour FX Filter pack.

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Rotolight Kit with AEOS, Illuminator with umbrella mount and Colour FX Filter pack.

Rotolight AEOS:

Designed for portrait and location photographers and videographers on the move, Rotolight AEOS is a variable colour LED light with a unique ‘ultra-thin’ design concept. Weighing in at under 1,5 kg and just 2 cm thick, this is one of the most portable lights on the market.

A built in Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver delivers reliable wireless triggering up to 200 meters.

Powerful and professional

Featuring a powerful light output (5750 lux at 1 meter), industry leading colour accuracy (CRI: 96+) for perfect skin tones, and unrivalled battery performance (3 hours on a single 95 Wh battery, not included) AEOS is the ultimate light for any location shoot!

Uniquely, Rotolight AEOS comes with integrated aluminium handles and a high quality professional ball head, providing full 360° rotation and 200° of tilt when mounted on a light stand.

Also includes a 4 piece filter kit (Full and half diffusion, cosmetic peach skin diffusion, and magenta).

HSS flash with Zero Recycle Time

AEOS is packed with features and removes the need for a separate flash gun. Thanks to its powerful High Speed Sync Flash (HSS) that can freeze the action, plus zero recycle time, you’ll never miss that perfect shot. No more time consuming lighting setups, instead you have more time to unleash your creativity and to compose the perfect shot.

The AEOS eliminates the need for users shooting both stills and video to buy a strobe, as it provides an all-in-one solution.

Lighting Effects

The CineSFX feature provides a suite of customizable cinematic lighting effects, such as Lightning, Fire and TV flicker to enhance your video production.

Another valuable feature is True Aperture Dimming. It calculates and displays the F-stop for a subject at a given distance, eliminating the need for trial and error shooting or a light meter.

Designer Fade provides custom fade up/down production effects for interviews.


  • Designed for portrait and location photo and video
  • Variable colour (6300-3150K) with accurate kelvin display
  • Continuous LED light & high speed sync flash (1/8000th)
  • No recycle time
  • Ultra-thin, industry leading lightweight design (1.5 kg)
  • Integrated aluminium handles and pro ball head for 360 rotation included
  • Powerful, soft light output (5750 lux at 1 meter) and signature catch light
  • Unrivalled battery performance (3 Hours w 95 Wh battery, not included)
  • Accucolour Technology for best in class colour rendering (CRI>96, Tlci 91)
  • Cinesfx Mode delivers custom lighting effects (Fire, Lightning, Tv etc)
  • True Aperture Dimming calculates your aperture at a given distance
  • Totally flicker free output, at any frame rate
  • Designer Fade for custom Fade up/ Fade down for interviews/video
  • Built in Elinchrom Skyport wireless flash receiver (200 m)

What's included

  • 1 x Rotolight AEOS
  • 1 x Professional Aluminium Ball Head (Supports 5 kg load)
  • 1 x Rotolight Universal power adapter with regional mains cable
  • 1 x Filter Holder

AEOS Filter pack:

  • 1 x 216 Full Diffuser (1.5 Stops)

  • 1 x 250 Medium, Half White Diffuser (3/4 Stops)

  • 1 x 184 “Cosmetic Peach” Diffusion

  • 1 x 279 1/8th Minus Green (Magenta)


Rotolight Illuminator with umbrella mount:

With a 180-degree angle of light spread, the Rotolight Illuminator produces a large, flattering beam of light that wraps flatteringly around a subject. Mimicking the soft illumination of daylight, its unique design combines the large spread of an umbrella with the light efficiency of a softbox. The Illuminator is an ideal modifier for photographing single portraits, group shots or interviews.

With a lightweight, flexible framework and simple to set up, the Illuminator is designed for photographers and videographers in studio and on location; easily stowed in the supplied pouch for effortless travel and storage.

Unlike traditional softboxes, the Illuminator is constructed with an umbrella-style frame. Not only does this allow for instant assembly, but, when used with the optional Rotolight Umbrella Bracket, it also allows for quick mounting to Rotolight NEO 2, AEOS or Anova PRO 2 LED lights without the need for bulky speedrings or adaptors.

The RL-ILLUMINATOR-BDL includes Umbrella Bracket and Soft Bag.

  • Beautiful circular softbox to fit any Rotolight
  • Minimal light loss
  • Provides beautiful diffusion
  • Lightweight
  • Superb build quality


Rotolight Color FX Filterpack:

The 10-Piece Add-On Colour FX Filter Pack for AEOS from Rotolight contains creative filters that enable you to personalise your work with the AEOS LED light. The pack includes Hollywood Frost, Moroccan Frost, Straw, Bastard Amber, Rust, Mist Blue, Medium Blue Green, Bedford Blue, Bright Pink and Light Red filters.

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